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Before switching to glass I used to work in clay. I produced a line of high relief stoneware tiles. Several years ago I took a class in glass fusing with the idea of casting the glass over my round sun face tiles to make sun catchers. I now have over two dozen sun face designs, and one Moon Face!

I got hooked on working with the bright transparent colors! But, cutting circles out of large rectangles of fusing glass creates a LOT of scrap. Having worked in clay, I was used to paying around $500.00 a ton for my raw material. A ton of fusing glass would cost approximately $15,000.00!! I needed to find something else to make out of all of that scrap glass!

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Glass Suncatchers and Mobiles
7.25" Diameter glass Sun Face Sun Catchers: SUNBEAMS (Plum), SUNBURST (Periwinkle).

Chandelier MobilesA large aspect of my former clay work was highly textured designs and patterns. I found I could continue creating high relief surfaces with a 'tack fusing' technique. I cut up all of the scrap into wide and narrow bars, small rectangles, triangles and squares. I pre-fired the tinier pieces into rounded jewels for 'accents'. I then started arranging these pieces into geometric patterns on top of squares and rectangles of clear glass.

The finished "assemblage/collage/mosaic" was then kiln fired at a temperature that melted the top pieces into the bottom layer without losing the 'edges' of the pieces on the top layer: tack fusing. These were then 'transformed' into custom fused glass tiles, signs, plates & platters, plaques, standing panels, window panels, bottle stoppers, luminarias, sconces, knobs & pulls, mirrors and photo frames. And who knows what else I might think of?