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Glass Gallery

Art glass is the perfect gift, for anyone, at any age and for any occasion. All of the work shown below is available in various different color combinations.

Glass is slumped over my original sun face tiles creating these whimsical discs of color.

7.25" in diameter, 32.00 each.

Available in a wide variety of colors with over 20 designs (including "The Man in the Moon".)

Diamond shaped tiles of color tack fused to large clear tiles with two embedded loops of brass rod. Comes with a 3" brass hanger for the top and a 1" triple loop hook at the bottom. The perfect accessory for the Sun Face Sun Catchers.

18.00 each.

Nine whimsical floral designs are available for hanging inside or out! 9.5" across and 3/8" thick with sturdy, embedded hangers. Combine with Color Spots and Dots to customize for your windows, patios and decks.

55.00 to 65.00

Single rows of glass tiles, joined with brass rings, dangle from a short brass hook. A shimmering selection of four sizes from 7" long to the 27" chain of the Seven Chakras. Add an accent or fill a window with a 'glass curtain'.

20.00 to 72.00

Glass tiles, joined together with brass rings, cascade from a free form brass rod to form a chandelier of sparkling color. Choose the rainbow of a full spectrum color scheme or select two tones or a single color. Seven styles and configurations assure a fit for nearly every window.

From 7" to 22" long. 55.00 to 105.00

Cast from crushed scrap glass, fused and embedded with metal hangers and ready to link together. Create your own custom combinations; the chain and hook links are included.

15.00 to 115.00

Glass is slumped over my original sun face tiles creating these whimsical discs of color. There are currently four designs available; they may be ordered with hangers or in stands.

12" in diameter, 95.00 and 120.00.

Available in a variety of colors.

Glass tiles are an excellent choice for your home decor. Architects, interior designers and private individuals are invited to contact us. Standard (and custom) sizes from 6.00 to 190.00 each.

We can help you concerning sizing details and color choices.

Heirloom quality frames for your most valued photos: baby pictures, school portraits, graduation, weddings, family and cherished pets. I use the strongest wooden frame parts with sturdy pressboard easels and hinged metal hangers.

Available in 3 sizes and a variety of colors. Photo frames range in price from 45.00 to 75.00.

Sandblasted signs, plaques, awards, panels and more. Framed Tiles start at 50.00 each, Panels start at 200.00 each. 50.00 Set Up Fee for Sandblasting includes up to 10 characters.

Small glass tile panels, fully backed and supported on heavy duty, cast metal hardware. Beautiful and sturdy! The clean lines of the matte finished metal parts accent the glass components beautifully. Color coordinate with my custom tiles or order colors to compliment your cupboards and drawers.

Four sizes priced from 9.00 to 32.00. May be mounted horizontally or vertically. Adjustable length bolts included.

Colored glass scraps are painstakingly pieced together and tack fused for a textured and vibrant stand alone panel. May be displayed near any light source or against a light colored wall.

Panels in Stands from 160.00 to 480.00 each.

Two colored panels of fused glass play together in a double track base to create a mixture of beautiful colors.

Available in four sizes, from 80.00 to 280.00 per set.

The photo is of the "Sweet Pea" in a black wrought iron base. The Botanicals are 12.5" in diameter and are also available as a window hanging piece with a brass hanger.

There are currently ten designs available; they may be ordered with hangers, 100.00 each, or in stands, 125.00 each.

Ribbons of color accented with glass 'jewels' slumped into a graceful arc. 22.00 to 120.00 each.

All come with size appropriate clear glass cups and votive candles.

Turn it on, electric sconces light up any wall. UL rated for indoor or outdoor use. Available in two sizes, from 240.00 to 360.00 each.
For hard wiring, or with an eight foot cord and line switch.

Available in two sizes.

Curved squares of flat bottomed glass are covered with a tack fused quilt pattern. Available in 5 sizes, from 22.00 to 198.00 each.

MINI - 4.5" square
SMALL - 6" square
MEDIUM - 8" square
LARGE - 10" square
EXTRA LARGE - 12" square

Curved rectangles of glass are covered with a tack fused mosaic of stripes. Available in five sizes, starting at 38.00 to 298.00 each.

SMALL - 5" X 8"
MEDIUM - 7" X 12"
LARGE - 7" X 15"
EXTRA LARGE - 9" X 12"
GIANT - 12" X 15"

A mosaic of tack fused glass set into a black or blond wood frame. Available in four sizes, from 90.00 to 750.00 each.

Convert any bottle into a short, or long term, storage and serving decanter. Available in two styles, 18.00 and 28.00 each.