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You will need to enter the country and state code, followed by the actual phone number. Fortunately there are free reverse phone lookup services made available online, that can help you trace the owners of these phone numbers. Here i'll explain how to run a lookup, to know the identity of unknown callers. The database also holds information about the location or address of the phone owner. If you are looking for information on reverse phone lookup facility offered by websites, this article will be a helpful read. Let us see how reverse phone number check works for you. It will have a search box, where you will have to enter the phone number you are trying to trace. Google for sites that offer free reverse phone lookup service. It's difficult to imagine a life without telephones and cell phones today. Using a free reverse phone number directory, made available on websites, is quite simple and straightforward. Staying in touch with anybody, anywhere was never so easy. There may be separate boxes for each part of the phone number. In case the user of the landline number has chosen not to list his number with a telephone company, only the address will be displayed. While free reverse cell phone lookup is a myth, reverse phone lookup facility is indeed available for free. Let us see how to find a phone number by name. So these sites offer reverse phone lookup with name and address. Using this facility, you can trace any landline phone number in the united states of america. Reverse phone lookup sites host these databases on their web servers. How to do a reverse phone check. It has a database of numbers assigned with names. However, this traceability has a flip side to it.

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Reverse phone lookup directories hold data that is classified other way round. These databases are searched for a particular number query and the matching result is displayed on the website. You can be bugged by unknown callers who get hold of your number. If you are lucky and the number has been listed, you will have the name in a matter of few seconds. You will get a number of links to websites that offer this online service. The database has a search engine which does the job of looking for numbers and finding the associated names. Telephone directories hold an alphabetical list of landline phone owners in an area with a corresponding list of phone numbers. By phone check, i mean landline phone check here.

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Tracing prank callers was never so easy before. Once you finish entering, just click on search button provided next to the search box. Click on any of the links and the web page will open up in front of you. The internet is an ocean of information and you can have the right information if you know where to look for. Your query will be forwarded to the server and matching name and address, will be displayed on a new page. Last two decades have seen an explosion of developments in telecommunication.